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The Ecofeminist Interpretation of Gone with the Wind
Gone with the Wind is the only work written by Margaret Mitchell who is an outstanding American novelist. Taking the American Civil War as the background, it tells a tragic love story between Scarlett and Rhett, and a story that American southern females represented by Scarlett and Ellen protect and reconstruct nature. This novel describes many female characters with distinctive personalitiessuch as Scarlett having the rebellious spirit and Ellen regarded as “an angel in the house”. Connecting females with nature, Margaret Mitchell indicates that there is an interdependent and harmonious relationship between females and nature,which embodies the approach of ecofeminism.Starting with the perspective of ecofeminism, this thesis reveals that patriarchy culture is the fundamental reason of tragic fates of females and nature by discussing not only ideas and behaviors of females living in a male-dominated society but also the relationship between females and nature.At present, the problem of ecology and environment is still serious, and even now the phenomenon of oppression on females still exists. The interpretation of Gone with the Wind from the perspective of ecofeminism provides us with reflections and enlightenments for the establishment of a harmonious society with good ecology and gender equality.
Keywords:Gone with the Windecofeminism  nature  harmony


ChapterOne  Introduction    1
1.1  A Brief Introduction of Margaret Mitchell    1
1.2  A Brief Introduction of Gone with the Wind    2
1.3  Research Objectives    2
1.4  Research Significance    2
1.5  Structure of This Thesis    3
Chapter Two  Literature Review    4
2.1  Previous Studies on Gone with the Wind Abroad    4
2.2  Previous Studies on Gone with the Wind at Home    5
2.3  Summary    6
Chapter Three  Theoretical Framework    8
3.1    Definition of Ecofeminism and Its Development    8
3.2    Summary    10
Chapter Four  Analysis of Ecofeminism in Gone with the Wind    11
4.1  Interconnectedness between Females and Nature    11
4.1.1 Scarlett and Nature    11
4.1.2 Ellen and Nature    12
4.2  The Fates of Females and Nature    13
4.2.1 Scarlett’s Tragic Fate    14
4.2.2 Ellen’s Tragic Fate    15
4.2.3 Nature’s Tragic Fate    16
4.3  The Factors of the Tragedies of Scarlett and Nature    17
4.3.1 Scarlett’s Personal Factors    17
4.3.2 TheInfluence of Patriarchal Culture    18
4.3.3 The Influence of the War    19
4.4  Summary    20
Chapter Five  Conclusion    21