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With the development and follow the progress of modern flood in our country, the domestic consumer consumption idea and consumption habits in a constantly changing, people's consumption concept increasingly open, the more people choose to buy original products is excellent, the price is relatively high, after-sales is also relatively improve product quality, not only constrained by cheap, practical these relatively backward consumption view. At the same time, consumer habits are changing: former consumers are limited to supermarket shopping, neighborhood word-of-mouth, or offline sales. Now, more and more people choose the online shopping, online comparison seller, quality, after sale.
Comprehensive market movements, we can see that has the following these factors influence consumer behavior: a, political factors: the increase in infants and young children's consumer market in China, in November 2011, the full implementation of our country dual alone two child policy; In December 2013, China implemented a two-child policy; In October 2015, the 18th session of the central committee of the fifth plenary session of the communist party of China communique said: adhere to the basic state policy of family planning, and actively deal with an ageing population, the implementation of comprehensive second child policy; Second, social factors: the demand of infant and infant clothing is increasing year by year, while the development of infant and infant clothing enterprises appears to be relatively backward. For the development of infant and infant enterprises in China, we must analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the development of infant and young children based on the present market situation and the present National Day. In order to correct its shortcomings, promote and develop its advantages, let consumers who buy infant and baby clothes feel the progress of the domestic market, and better develop the infant and infant clothing industry. Economic factors: as people's income increase gradually, increasing concern for infants and young children, also increase in demand for baby clothes, this also further promote the development of infants and children clothing industry. Cultural factors: values, words, language, ethics, customs, religious rituals, laws and products and services all influence the change of people's consumption concept; 5. Personal factors: consumers' demand for products will change with age, and at different stages of life cycle, different products will be required. 6. Psychological factors: motivation and perception are different, and the mindset of consumption can change.
Based on the problems that I have encountered in the clothing of hangzhou jue Chen, this paper combines the results of some market research and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the company in the development. Advantages: the consistency of design and strict control of quality; Disadvantages: the brand culture is not deep enough, the price control, the design direction, the sales market opening. Continue to do well and continue. In addition, the problem should be found and the solution to the problem can be solved. Furthermore, the analysis of the situation in the current environment, including the company image, sales channels and sales methods, gives a series of Suggestions and Suggestions: the brand image of good management; Build a good brand strategy; With good pricing strategy and promotion and sales strategy, the development of jue jue clothing in hangzhou is further developed.
I hope that hangzhou jue will be able to do better in the infant and baby clothing industry!

Keywords:Consumption concepts and habits; Factors affecting consumers; The advantages and conditions of the enterprise; Brand promotion

一、 引言    1
二、 理论综述    1
(一)影响消费者的因素研究    1
1、 政治因素    1
2、 文化因素    1
3、社会因素    2
4、个人因素     2
5、心理因素     3
6、消费者的特殊性    3
(二)国内外专家对影响消费者行为的因素研究    4
三、杭州珏晨服饰公司介绍及影响因素分析    5
(一) 杭州珏晨服饰公司介绍    5
(二) 杭州珏晨服饰公司消费市场现状及影响因素分析    5
1.杭州珏晨服饰公司消费市场现状    5
2.影响因素分析    6
四、针对我司产品的分析及解决对策    9
(一) 品牌文化不够深入人心及解决对策    9
(二) 价格有待提高及解决对策    9
(三) 设计有待提高及解决对策    10
(四) 销售市场有待扩大及解决对策    10
五、总结    12
参考文献    13
致谢    14
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调查表    14