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摘要:主要介绍了铝合金表面处理的一种方法-电镀,并对一些预处理进行分析与研究,知道了电镀过程中的一些参数的最佳数值。对铝合金材料采用化学氧化处理,之后进行着黑色,在单因素实验基础上以正交试验确定着色液配方及工艺条件。黑色膜试样(片)颜色均匀深黑附着好耐磨擦,计算单位面积膜层质量,用划格法检验附着力,并用5%的氯化钠溶液检验耐腐蚀性。此工艺稳定性好,操作简单,成本低廉,着色液处理能力约为3.5 m2/L。黑膜性能可满足一般产品的使用要求。


This research is of aluminum alloy, surface oxidation of the coloring, find the best process conditions by orthogonal experimental design, aluminum alloy looks nice, and improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance make aluminum more durable and to meet the aluminum alloy decorated in a modern society.
Chemical oxidizing and following chemical blackening is applied to aluminum alloys,the blackening solution formula and process variables are determined by single factor test and orthogonal test.The uniform.and compact blackening film has good adhesion,wear resistance,unit area of film quality,the grid method test adhesion and corrosion resistance of 5% sodium chloride solution test.The process is stability,low cost and easy to operate.The treatment capacity of blackening solution is 3.5m2/L,the performance can satisfy the requirement of general products.

Keywords:aluminum alloy,chemical oxidizing,blackening

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第一章 铝合金的表面处理试验常用工艺办法    4
1.1挂具    5
1.2碱蚀    5
1.3酸蚀(除垢)    5
1.4铝合金件必须浸镀过渡金属层    5
1.5预镀层    6
第二章  铝合金的表面处理试验----阳极氧化    6
2.1.1阳极氧化原理    6
2.1.2 阳极氧化的处理方法    7
第三章 铝合金的表面处理试验正交实验设计    10