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关键词:  线锯屑 ; 泡沫浮选; 硅; 六偏磷酸钠 ; 改性剂;氢氟酸

The Study of Effection the Surfactant Foam Flotation Separation of Si and SiC from Wire Sawdusts on the Polycrystalline Wafer
Over the years, because of the gradual depletion of fossil fuel crisis situations, as well as people improving ecological and environmental protection awareness, deeply felt the urgency of sustainable energy development. It is widely believed solar cell is the best alternative energy sources at present. Recycling the high purity Si from wire sawdust, it can effectively reduce the cost of photovoltaic power. The current situation of recovering cutting slurry waste is reviewed in this paper. Most recovery methods only consider recovering Si and SiC, neglecting the more valuable silicon in the wire sawdust. In this study, I achieve purification purposes by the foam separation method. The experimental results show that: the surface foaming agent not be excessive; Take 10g wire sawdust samples (Sample silicon content 14%),  handling with the sample by HF acid, then 300ml of deionized water, 0.05g fired agent(Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate), 0.5g dispersing agent(Six partial sodium), 80ml kerosene as the best solution, Si up to 63.4% purity.
Key words: wire sawdust; foam flotation; silicon; hexametaphosphate; Modifier; 
           hydrofluoric acid


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Abstract    Ⅱ
1.引言    1
1.1 选题的意义及依据    1
1.2  硅材料背景    1
1.3国内外的研究现状    3
1.4国内外市场分析    4
1.5 国内市场展望    5
2.实验    5
2.1实验原理泡沫浮选法    5
2.2实验仪器及样品    6
2.3实验方法    7
2.3.1线锯砂浆的预处理方法    7
2.3.2实验方案    7
2.3.3分析测试方法    8
3.实验结果与讨论    9
4.结论    12
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