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 本实验采用PECVD在多晶硅片上生长非晶薄膜, 以SiH4 为Si源,H2为载气。加入掺杂气体PH3和B2H6,沉积掺杂非晶硅薄层。通过改变PH3和B2H6 气流量来调控薄膜中P和B元素的含量获得不同掺杂浓度的非晶硅薄膜。通过快速热处理的方法使薄膜晶化并激活薄膜中掺杂元素。测试分析获得最优N和P型硅薄膜掺杂浓度。以此为基础制得P型多晶硅异质结,经快速热处理后获得所需的P型多晶硅结构。试验结果表明:N型非晶硅薄膜的最佳掺杂浓度为 SiH4:H2:PH3=2:100:10。P型非晶硅薄膜的最佳掺杂浓度为SiH4:H2:B2H6=2:100:5。实验设计了2种电池结构,第一种为ITO/n-μc-Si/p-c-Si/p-μc-Si/ITO,第二种为ITO/n-μc-Si/p-c-Si/Al。对电池进行测试分析,获得试其I-V特性曲线,得到其开路电压和短路电流,计算得到太阳能电池片的转换效率。第一种电池的转换效率为2.6%,开路电压为0.42V,短路电流为2.7mA。第二种电池的转换效率为1.0%,开路电压为0.27V,短路电流为0.5mA。第一种的电池效率高于第二种。


The preliminary research on the abrupt junction polycrystalline silicon solar cell

In our research, firstly, P and B doped amorphous silicon films were deposited on quartz substrate by PECVD method, in which, SiH4 as Si source, H2 as carrier gas. PH3 and B2H6 were used as doping source. Then the samples were post treated by rapid thermal annealing, in order to crystallize the film and get better conducitivity. By changing the PH3 and B2H6 flow rate to manage content of P and B elements in thin film in order to get suitable resistivity for making the emitter of our new designed solar cell structure. The new solar cell is called abrupt junction polycrystalline silicon. Based on p-type polycrystalline wafer,two structures of the solar cells were designed and fabricated. The first one is ITO/n-μc-Si/p-c-Si/p-μc-Si/ITO, the second one is ITO/n-μc-Si/p-c-Si/Al.The results showed that the N type of amorphous silicon thin film optimal doping concentration for SiH4: H2: PH3 = 2:100:10. P type of amorphous silicon thin film optimal doping concentration for SiH4: H2: B2H6 = 2:100:5. Test analysis was carried out on the solar cells, try for the I - V curve,for its open circuit voltage and short circuit current,calculate the conversion efficiency of solar cell. For the first solar cell conversion efficiency is 2.6%,open circuit voltage is 0.42 V, short circuit current is 2.7 mA. For the second solar cell conversion efficiency is 1.0%, open circuit voltage is 0.27 V,short circuit current is 0.5 mA. The efficiency of the first one is higher than the second one.

Key words:PECVD;rapid thermal processing;polycrystalline silicon solar cell;conversion efficiency; abrupt junction


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