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摘  要:随着我国农业进入新的发展阶段,传统的营销策略已不能完全满足鲜活农产品产业的市场需求,有必要引入网络营销促进其健康发展。本文将从我国鲜活农产品开展网络营销相关理论入手,从宏观和微观角度分析我国鲜活农产品市场的现状及特征,运用战略性营销中的“SWOT”方法分析我国鲜活农产品网络营销开展的优势、劣势,面临机遇以及挑战,提出从网站建设、标准化体系和物流配送等方面探讨我国鲜活农产品网络营销的策略,对促进我国鲜活农产品网络营销快速健康发展具有参考价值。

The Research on The Network Marketing Strategy of Fresh Agricultural Products in China
Abstract: Along with the development of agriculture entering into a new stage in China, the traditional marketing strategy have been unable to fully meet the market demand of the fresh produce industry, then it is necessary to introduce the network marketing promoting its healthy development. Seen from the related theories about network marketing of fresh products, we analyze the current situation and the characteristics of the fresh products market in China from macroscopic and microcosmic Angle, using the SWOT analysis method in strategic marketing for the advantages, disadvantages, facing opportunities and challenges of the fresh produce network marketing, then put forward strategy on discussing the network marketing of fresh products from the construction site, standardization system and logistics and distribution, and other aspects to promote our country's fresh, healthy and rapid development of agricultural network marketing has reference value.
Key words: Network Marketing; Fresh Agricultural Products; SWOT Analysis