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本论文以苗族为例,浅谈苗族文化,苗族的宗教信仰等,当今苗族文化在历史的冲击下逐渐消失在人们的视线里 ,苗族在人们的眼中不仅仅是一个少数民族的名称还是一个神秘的民族,引起大家兴趣的多是其神秘的巫术。我希望从本论文中可以分析我国少数民族文化的流失,应该如何传承和发展,不让我们的优秀文化在历史的冲击下消失,我们应该做好文化的传承者和发展者。

     Miao is an ancient history, the history of the evolution of cultural content is extremely rich. Their ancestors first appeared in the primitive society, mainly concentrated in the central plains region; Chow period, the founding of the agriculture is important to their way of life. Miao nationality has its own language and words, but because of the war, the ancestors in order to escape being had to the text books burned, the existing is only a small part of the writing on clothes people at that time. The miao people's good at singing and dancing, is known as the "national song and dance". Live up to the mountain not only has a unique cultural history of miao people, also proficient in herbs, and makefreewith herbal relief injury patients.
Miao, for example, this paper discuss the miao culture, religious beliefs of the miao nationality, such as the miao culture under the impact of the history gradually disappear in the line of sight of people, miao in the eyes of people is not only a minority of the name or a mysterious nation, causing much interest is its mysterious sorcery. I hope from this thesis can analyze the loss of ethnic culture in our country, how shouldthe inheritance and development, don't let our excellent culture disappear under the impact of the history, we should be prepared for the inheritanceand development of culture.
Key words:The miao culture、development of the transmission 、cultural loss religious、belief

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