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On the cultural differences in Thailand
   Abstract: in 2014 the most popular film "lost in Thailand" lifted the domestic tourism boom in Thailand. The story of Thailand full of enthusiasm and colorful Buddhist culture bring us a deep impression. Therefore, in order to make the Chinese people can better understand Thai culture and Chinese traditional culture differences, this paper the plot of the movie "Thai embarrassing", and after finishing study of large amounts of data, compared with the predecessor system comprehensively introduced Sino Thai cultural differences and the plain of the causes of cultural differences.
   Key words: "embarrassed" Thailand Thailand; Thailand; cultural differences

目  录
一、引言    3
二、宗教文化的差异    3
(一)佛教在国家以及社会上的地位影响不同    3
(二)对剃度出家的认知不同    3
(三)佛教禁忌不同    4
三、社会礼仪文化的差异    4
四、公众场合礼仪文化的差异    5
五、生活习惯的差异    5
(一)交通规则方面    5
(二)人妖文化    6
六、总结    6
参考文献    7